Hi, I’m Natalie, the Indulgent Vegan. 
This is my happy place where I share my passion for creating fabulous vegan food, always with the bold flavors I love.  In it you’ll find recipes, advice, news, live cook-a-longs and of course my online cookery courses.  Taken together, they make cooking great vegan food accessible to everyone.
I’m known for my show-stopping vegan creations, but quick family meals can be indulgent too, so I’ll be showing you both. You’ll also pick up the techniques you need to get creative yourself. If you think you’d prefer something face to face head over to Le Cheval Blanc for details about our cooking holidays in southwest France.-







The Ultimate Guide to
Cooking with Tofu

Maybe you find tofu bland but I absolutely love it and you will too after taking this course. It's a protein packed vegan blank canvas, versatile and ready to soak up delicious flavors while making any dish satisfying and nutritious. Making the best of it means learning new techniques which I can't wait to share with you.

After taking this course you'll know how to create textures such as crispy or chewy and how to incorporate bold flavors. You'll learn how to create amazing dishes such as tofu fish, agedashi, quiche and burgers. As a bonus I'll also show you how to make tofu from scratch.


Junk Food

Everyone loves a junk food hit and I'll show you how to get that, but what's even better is that you don't have to throw nutrition out of the window to get it. So this is vegan junk food which isn't junk!

Learn how to make classics such as curly fries, burgers, pulled jackfruit, seitan donner kebab and buffalo cauliflower wings followed that up with decadent desserts such as knickerbocker glory and donuts.


about natalie

Hi I’m Natalie and I’m the indulgent vegan. I’m completely obsessed with food and for me life doesn’t get much better than spending the day in the kitchen, whether that’s to veganize dishes or come up with something new. I devour cooking books and I’m constantly researching new ingredients and techniques. 

My online cooking school has been a dream for a long time and I’m excited that I get to share my geekiness and love of vegan food with you. In it you’ll find everything you need to become an indulgent vegan so that the food you eat will be seriously delicious, from sumptuous dinner parties to wow your friends to everyday family cooking when you don’t have much time.

My thing is flavour.  Get the flavouring right and any dish can be an incredible eating experience, so I’ll be showing you how to use and to combine the bold tastes I love.


Vegan cookies

Vegan Shortbread

Look at these lemon shortbread biscuits, aren’t they cute?  These cookies are really easy to make but they also have the wow factor because they’re

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Onion Bhajis

For me onion Bhajis remind me of being back in the UK. We came from Birmingham (UK) where there was a Balti House on every

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Vegan Mayonnaise

This recipe is ridiculously easy but also really impressive and delicious. There are two things that always amazes people about this recipe; the first being

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