The Ultimate Guide to Cooking with Tofu

2 students

Some people claim to hate tofu whilst others are bored with cooking the same old dishes with it. It seems that out of all the vegan ingredients tofu generates the most discussion.

Many people describe tofu as bland and of course, in a way, they’re right. I actually like the taste of tofu on its own but that probably makes me quite weird. For me, the blandness makes it brilliant; it’s a blank canvas that you can add any flavour to. Also depending on how you prepare and cook it you can create lots of different textures to make a diverse range of dishes.

Tofu is also a nutritional goldmine with a high protein content and a long list of other essential nutrients. Its composition means that it makes meals you’ll find satisfying without adding too many calories to your diet.

In this masterclass I’ll share my tried and tested recipes and cooking techniques so that you can make delicious tofu too.

By the end of this course you will:

  • Feel confident in cooking with tofu
  • Be able to apply a range of techniques for changing the texture of tofu
  • Have a repertoire of techniques for preparing and cooking tofu to optimise flavour

The course will cover following:

Module 1: Introduction to Tofu
Module 2: Preparing Tofu
Module 3: Making Tofu crisp
Module 4: Cooking with silken Tofu
Module 5: Making fast food favourites
Module 6: Substituting tofu for eggs
Module 7: Making tofu from scratch